About Shinerama

It’s Orientation Week in the 1960s. You’re a student leader and looking for a way to have fun and help others. So you take a pair of someone’s scruffy shoes, clean them up and ask for a donation. Dozens of shoe shines later, you and your friends have raised $1,300.

It’s that simple – and it’s been working for 50 years. An event called Shinerama – now Canada’s largest post-secondary school fundraiser. In 2010, 35,000 students like you at 60 university and college campuses across Canada raised $1 million for the first time for cystic fibrosis research.


TEAMs (Together Everyone Achieves More). Put together a shiner team – alumni, hockey mates, faculty, family, fraternity, sorority, Facebook friends). 

Since 1964, shiners have raised more than $21.5 million by shining one pair of shoes, or one car, by selling one raffle ticket, one hot dog or burger at a time!

Become a shiner today. Do the traditional thing – shine shoes, wash cars, sell raffle tickets. Make noise, polish a war ship, buff a pair of skates or a bald head (get permission first). The possibilities are endless – no fundraising idea is too big, too small, or too outrageous (as long as everyone is safe). So come up with a fundraising idea, grab a bunch of friends, call your school to get Shinerama on campus and get supplies.

Come up with a fundraising idea, or find some in the How-to resources and give your school a call to get help with putting it all together!

UNB Saint John has been proudly involved with this nation-wide fundraiser since 1968 and has contributed thousands of dollars to CF research.

To learn more about CF visit www.cysticfibrosis.ca